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Greek God Mercury

Mercury offers the cup of immortality to Psyche. In Roman mythology, Mercury is lord of the crossroads.

Patron Gods and Goddesses of the Crossroads

The gods, goddesses, and spirits of the crossroads introduced here are a fraction of the deities worshipped and respected in a number of cultural and ethnic traditions. You’ll meet Maximon of Guatemala; Bhairava of India; Hermes of the Greeks; the Haitian Papa Legba; Hecate, the Greek goddess of witches; Chimata-No-Kami of Japan; and many others.

We’ve encountered many of these entities in our individual world travels in the form of the churches, temples, and altars used to honor them. If there is a deity or spirit of the crossroads you think we should include—or whose shrine you’d recommend we visit—please contact us at We’d love to include your photos, images, and stories.

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