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Irish Proverbs

Down by the Old Mill Stream

  • There is work for the mill when the harrow works.
  • All is grist that comes to the mill.
  • If you don’t want flour on your shoes, don’t go into the mill.
  • The slow horse reaches the mill.
  • It is hard for an empty bag to stand its lone.
  • A grain often came whole from the grinding.
  • The mill that grinds must have water.
  • The mill cannot grind with the water that has passed.
  • Good is the mill which has been worn-out.
  • The mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind finely.
  • It is the quiet pig that eats the meal.


Irish Proverbs

Many fine collections of Irish proverbs have been published over the years. An assortment of some of our favorites are available as new or used copies. Your purchase will help support the non-profit activitites of Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads.

Online collection copyright © 1995, 2007-2008. Compiled by Joanne Asala, author of Celtic Folklore Cooking. You are free to use these proverbs on your own site as long as you credit Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads as the source and provide a link to our Web site:

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