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Scottish Proverbs

by Pappity Stampoy (1663)

(Originally published as A Collection of Scotch Proverbs)

Proverbs Beginning with “B”

  • Better give nor take.
  • Better lang little, then soon right nought.
  • Better hand loose, nor bound to an ill baikine.
  • Better late thrive then never.
  • Buy when I bid you.
  • Better sit idle then work for nought.
  • Better learn by your neighbors skaith nor by your own.
  • Better half an egge, nor teem doup.
  • Better apple given nor eaten.
  • Better a Dog faun nor bark on you.
  • Boden gear stinks.
  • Bourd neither with me, nor with my Honour.
  • Betwixt twae stools the arse falls down.
  • Better bide the Cooks nor the Mediciners.
  • Better bairns greit, nor bearded men.
  • Better saucht with little aucht, nor care with many cow.
  • Better two skaiths, nor ane sorrow.
  • Bring a Cow to the Hall, and she will run to the byre again.
  • Better bow nor break.
  • Bear wealth, poverty will bear itself.
  • Better a wit cost, nor two for nought.
  • Better good sale, nor good Ale.
  • Better wooe over midding, nor over mosse.
  • Better happy to court, nor good service.
  • Blaw the wind nere so saft, it will lowen at the last.
  • Better be happy nor wise.
  • Binde fast, finde fast.
  • Better plays a full wemb nor a new coat.
  • Better say, Here it is, nor, Here it was.
  • Better auld debts nor auld sairs.
  • Bourd not with Bawty, fear lest he bite ye.
  • Better a fowl in hand nor twa flying.
  • Better rew sit, nor rew flie.
  • Better spare at the breird nor at the bottome.
  • Better finger off, nor ay warking.
  • Bind the seck ere it be full.
  • Better be well loved, nor ill won geir.
  • Better a clout nor a hole out.
  • Better no ring, nor the ring of a rash.
  • Butter and burn-trouts gar maidens f[unreadable] the wind.
  • Better held out nor put out.
  • Better have a Mouse in the pot as no flesh.
  • Better sit stil, nor rise and get a fall.
  • Better leave nor want.
  • Better buy as borrow.
  • Better be dead as out of the fashion.
  • Better unborn nor untaught.
  • Better be envied nor pittied.
  • Better a little fire that warms, nor a meikle that burns.
  • Be the same thing that thou wald be cald.
  • Better a laying Hen nor a lyin Crown.
  • Bannaks is better nor na kind of bread.
  • Black will be no other Hue.
  • Beauty but bounty avails nought.
  • Bairns mother burst never.
  • Breads House skiald never.
  • Biting and scarting is Scots folks Wooing.
  • Beware of Had I wist.
  • Better be alone nor in ill company.
  • Better a chigging mother, nor a riding father.
  • Better never begun nor never endit.
  • Bonie silver is soon spendit.
  • Before I wein, and now I wat.


Scottish Proverbs

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