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Scottish Proverbs

by Pappity Stampoy (1663)

(Originally published as A Collection of Scotch Proverbs)

Proverbs Beginning with “E”

WWI soldiers

World War I era soldiers; detail from a vintage postcard.

  • Every man can rule an ill wife, but he that hes Her.
  • Eaten meat is good to pay.
  • Eild wald have Honour.
  • Evening Orts is good morning-fother.
  • Every man wisheth the water to his own milne.
  • Early maister, lang knave.
  • Every land hes his lauch, and every corne hes the caff.
  • Eat and drink measurely, and defie the mediciners.
  • Every man for Himself, quoth the mertine.
  • Efter delay comes a Let.
  • Efter long mint, never dint.
  • Every man slams the fat sows Arse.
  • Experience may teach a fool.
  • Every man wats best where his own shoe binds him.
  • Efter word comes weard.


Scottish Proverbs

Many fine collections of Scottish proverbs have been published over the years. An assortment of some of our favorites are available as new or used copies. Your purchase will help support the non-profit activitites of Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads.

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