Scottish Proverbs

by Pappity Stampoy (1663)

(Originally published as A Collection of Scotch Proverbs)

Proverbs Beginning with “I”

Scotsman and squeeze

Keeping warm; detail from a vintage postcard.

  • Ill weeds waxes weil.
  • It is ill to bring out of the flesh that is bred in the bene.
  • It is a fairy brewing that is not good in the newing.
  • It’s tint that is done to old men and bairns.
  • It is a silly flock where the yow bears the bell.
  • Ill win, ill warit.
  • In some mens aught mon the old horse die.
  • It is a sooth board that men sees wakin.
  • In space, comes Grace.
  • It is a sin to lye on the Devil.
  • It is eith till, that the awn self will.
  • It is good mows that fills the wemb.
  • It is na time to stoup when the head is off.
  • It is fair in the hall, when beards wag all.
  • It will come in an hour, that will not come in a year.
  • If thou do no ill, do no ill like.
  • If he steal not my kail, break not my dike.
  • If he may spend meikle, put the more to the fire.
  • If I can get his cart at a Waltar, I shall lend it a put.
  • If I may not keep geese, I shall keep gesline.
  • It is kindly that the poke fair of the Herring.
  • It is eich to cry yule on another man’s cost;
  • Ilk a man as he loves, let him send to the Cooks,
  • It is eith to swim where the head is hild up.
  • It is weil warit they have sorrow, that buyes it with their silver.
  • If ane will not, another will.
  • It is ill to take a breik off a bare [unreadable].
  • It is dear bought honey that is lickt off a thorn.
  • If God be with us, who will be against us.
  • It is weil warit that wasters warn geir.
  • It is ill to bring but the thing that is not thereben.
  • It that lies not in your gate, breaks not your shins.
  • It is na play where ane greits, and another laughs.
  • If a man knew what would be dear, he would be but Merchant for a year.
  • It is true that all men sayes.
  • I have a good bow, but it is in the Castle.
  • It is hard to fling at the brod, or kick at the prick.
  • Ilk man mend ane, and all will be mendit.
  • It is a fairy collop that is tane off a Capon.
  • Ill bairns are best heard at home.
  • It is ill to waken sleeping dogs.
  • Ill herds makes fat wolfes.
  • It is hard to wive and thrive in a year.
  • It is good sleeping in a heal skin.
  • It is not tint that is done to friends.
  • It is ill to draw a strea before an old Cat.
  • It is a pain both to pay and pray.
  • It is good fishing in drumbling waters.
  • It is little of God’s might, to make a poor man a Knight.
  • It is good baking besides meal.
  • It is a good Goose that drops ay.
  • It is not the habit that makes the Monck.
  • It is not good to want, and to have.
  • It hes neither [unreadable], nor elbow.
  • I shall sit on his skirt.
  • It is a bare Moor that he goes over, and gets not a Cow.
  • I shall hold his Nose to the Grindstone.
  • It goes as meiklle in his heart, as in his heel.
  • It goes in at one ear, and out at the other.
  • It is na mair pitty to see a Woman greit, nor to see a Goose go barefoot.
  • It is well said, but who will bell the Cat?
  • It is short while seen the louse boore the langelt.
  • I have a sliddery Eel by the tail.
  • It is as meet as a Sow to bear a Saddle.
  • It is as meet as a thief for the widdie.
  • I would I had as meikle pepper as he counts himself worthy Mice dirt.
  • It will be an ill web to bleitch.
  • I cannot find you both tails and ears.
  • It is ill to make a bowing horn of a tods tail.
  • If ever ye make a lucky pudding, I shall eat the prick.
  • It that God will give, the Devil cannot reave.
  • In a good time I speak it, in a better I leave it.
  • It’s a silly pack that may not pay the custom.
  • I have seen as light a green.
  • It’s a cold coal to blow at.
  • It is a fair feild where all are dung down.
  • It’s a fair dung bairn that dare not greit.
  • I wat where my own shoe binds me.
  • If ye wanted me, and your meat, you would want ane good friend.


Scottish Proverbs

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