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Scottish Proverbs

by Pappity Stampoy (1663)

(Originally published as A Collection of Scotch Proverbs)

Proverbs Beginning with “K”

  • Kindnesse lies not ay in ane side of the house.
  • Kings caff is worth other mens corn.
  • Kame single, kame fair.
  • Kings have a long ears.
  • Kindnesse comes of will.
  • Kindnesse will creep where it may not gang.
  • Kail spares bread.
  • Kindnesse cannot be bought for geir.
  • Kamesters are ay creeshie.
  • Knowledge is eith born about.
  • Kings are out of play.
  • Kings and Bears oft worries their Keepers.


Scottish Proverbs

Many fine collections of Scottish proverbs have been published over the years. An assortment of some of our favorites are available as new or used copies. Your purchase will help support the non-profit activitites of Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads.

You are free to use the proverbs in this online collection on your own site as long as you credit Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads as the source and provide a link to our Web site:

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