Cultural Resources

Scottish Proverbs

by Pappity Stampoy (1663)

(Originally published as A Collection of Scotch Proverbs)

Proverbs Beginning with “Q”

  • Quhat better is the house that the Daw rises in the morning.
  • Quha may wooe, but Cost?
  • Quhen the well is full, it will run over.
  • Quhair the Deer is slain, some bloud will lie.
  • Quhom God will help, no man can hinder.
  • Quhen the eye sees not, the heart rewes not.
  • Quhen friends meets, hearts warms.
  • Quhen I am dead, make me a caddel.
  • Quhair the Pig breaks, let the shels lie.
  • Quhiles the hawk hes, and whiles he hunger hes.
  • Quha may hold that will away?
  • Quhen wine is in, wits out.
  • Quhair stands your great horse?
  • Quhen a man is full of lust, his wemb is full of leasing.
  • Quhen the good-wife is fra hame, the keys are tint.
  • Quhen the Steed is stoon, steik the stable-door.
  • Quhen Taylours are true, there is little good to shew.
  • Quhiles thou, whiles I, soe goes the Baillerie.
  • Quhen the craw flees, her tail follows.
  • Quhen thy neighbours house is on fire, take tent to thy own.
  • Quhen the good-man is fra hame, the board-cloth is tint.
  • Quhen the iron is hot, it is time to strike.
  • Quhen the Play is best, it is best to lear.
  • Quhen all men speaks, no man hears.
  • Quhen the Tod preaches, beware of the hens.
  • Quhen the belly is full the bones would be at rest.
  • Quhen the cup is fullest, bear it evenest.
  • Qhuen thieves reckons, leal men comes to their geir.


Scottish Proverbs

Many fine collections of Scottish proverbs have been published over the years. An assortment of some of our favorites are available as new or used copies. Your purchase will help support the non-profit activitites of Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads.

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