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Seville Hotel

The Seville Apartment Hotel at 4144 N. Sheridan, circa 1920. Image courtesy CRCC collection.

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Chronicling Uptown’s History

Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads is a non-profit Web site dedicated to promoting the study of folklore, folkways, and history—particularly the history of the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, where we are located. We first established this Web site in 2004 with the purpose of offering free and low-cost educational resources to those interested in the study of history and folklore.

The Uptown Chicago Resources section is a growing collection of stories, articles, and images of the Uptown neighborhood and its residents. We welcome your help in documenting Uptown’s history.

Sheridan Road Chicago

Jaqueline Halloran, 4424 North Sheridan Road, bringing in a load of tin cans for scrap to her block Office of Civilian Defense headquarters, 1942. Her father was a switchman on a railroad in Chicago. Image courtesy US Library of Congress.

Please note that we have made every effort to determine that source information is accurate; citations have been provided for text and images on individual Web pages. However, rights for historical, archival, and digital collections may be difficult if not impossible to determine. To the best of our knowledge, this Web site does not contain any copyrighted materials that would not be considered “fair use” under U.S. Copyright Law. If you believe this is not the case, please contact us at editor@compassrose.org. We are eager to hear from any copyright owner who may not have been properly identified so that we may update and correct our citations. In some cases, we have been granted permission to reprint copyrighted text and images. Please contact individual copyright holders for permission to use these materials.

A number of the images on the Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads Web site come from our personal collection and are cited “Image courtesy CRCC collection.” We encourage the use of individual images for educational and scholarly purposes. Any reproduction of these images should be credited to: “Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads, www.compassrose.org.” A link back to our site is encouraged. Ultimately, however, it is the user’s responsibility to determine if permission is needed to publish any of the materials from the Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads collection.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the address below:

Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads, Inc.
PO Box 409095
Chicago, IL 60640-9095

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