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Edgewater Beach Apartments. Image courtesy CRCC collection.

Vintage postcard of the Edgewater Beach Apartments, Chicago. Strangely, the artist rendered the apartments as white and not pink. Image courtesy CRCC collection.

Edgewater Beach Apartments

5555 Sheridan Road, at Bryn Mawr

The 20-story iconic pink Edgewater Beach Apartments was designed by architechts Marshall and Fox and constructed in 1928 as part of the greater Edgewater Beach Hotel complex. Its unusual shape is known as a croix fourche, or forked cross, with four bisected wings laid out in an X-shaped formation. The apartment building was once connected to the hotel by a three-block beach promenade. The Edgewater Beach Apartments is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The caption on the back of the postcard pictured here reads:

On Lake Michigan, 5555 Sheridan Road. Miniature golf course, tennis courts, children’s playground, and Beach Walk.

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