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Uptown Theatre Chicago: 100,000 to See Uptown District Pageant Today

From Chicago Daily Tribune, August 17, 1925

Uptown Theatre opening day advertisment from the Chicago Herald Examiner, August 18th, 1925 (Click to enlarge.)

Uptown Theatre opening day advertisment from the Chicago Herald Examiner, August 18th, 1925. (Click to enlarge.) Image courtesy CRCC collection.

Uptown Chicago, embracing the Wilson-Lawrence business district, has been gaily decorated and all is in readiness today for the opening of the pageant celebrating the completion of the new Balaban & Katz Uptown theater.

The theater will be thrown open to the public Tuesday at noon. It has a seating capacity of 5000 and cost more than $5,000,000. All construction work was finished at midnight and a special dress rehearsal of the opening performance will be held tonight with the workmen who rushed the edifice to completion as guests of the management.

Merchants belonging to the Central Uptown Chicago association are sponsors of the pageant. An elaborate program of free entertainment has been arranged and it is expected that 100,000 people daily will witness the events. A window shoppers’ contest, with prizes totaling $5000 for the fortunate ones, will be among the features.

Flory, a daredevil diver, will set fire to his clothing and plunge from the top of the district’s tallest building to a small tank of water daily. There will also be trapeze artists and acrobats.

At night there will be free street dancing, band concerts, and parades. On Thursday night the “parade of colors” will be held, with 200 decorated floats in line. On Friday the Uptown Chicago Prosperity parade, in which a dozen bands and more than 300 floats are to appear, will be held.

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