Uptown Theatre News

Uptown Theatre Current News — Dec 4, 2006

Uptown Dog

Your Uptown hound will be the envy of the local dog park.

Uptown Community Portrait Now Available on T-Shirts and Other Items

In affiliation with CafePress.com, many images found on our Web site, including the 2005 Uptown Community Portrait, are now available on t-shirts, mugs, and other souveniers. Visit Compass Rose at Cafe Press for some unique gift ideas.

Proposals to Be Submitted for Uptown Theatre Renovation

Reprinted with permission from the Uptown Adviser newsletter published by Friends of the Uptown.

This Dec. 1, 2006, Chicago Sun-Times column assembles many of the stray facts of prospect activity for the past year or more. Interestingly, it does not name the most active and significant prospect at the current time, which is yet another major entertainment corporation with adequate resources, experience, and product.

The article Historic Uptown may get an encore at last; Interested firms large enough to restore landmark, written by David Roeder, Chicago Sun-Times Business Reporter, can be read in full at: Uptown Theatre article.

Uptown: Portrait of a Palace

Uptown: Portrait of a Palace—The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Copies of the limited-edition DVD, Uptown: Portrait of a Palace, are available for purchase online or through the Book Box/Shake Rattle and Read. The Book Box, located at 4812 N. Broadway next to the Uptown Theatre, is open daily from 12-6pm.

The film highlights 80 years of history and includes interviews with sources close to the theatre.

It comes in an attractive, full-color DVD case with liner notes. Don’t miss your chance to own a copy of this award-winning documentary. To see the original theatrical trailer and purchase your copy, please visit the item detail page.

Epworth Methodist Church

Epworth Methodist Church, Kenmore and Berwyn Avenues, Edgewater, Chicago.

Chronicling Uptown’s History

If you have any stories, images, or photos of Uptown’s past that you’d like to share—including historical tidbits about Edgewater, which was once a part of Uptown—please drop us a line. We’d love your help recording our neighborhood’s roots. We’re interested in the history of Uptown’s people just as much as its historic architecture and entertainment history. Our e-mail address is editor@compassrose.org.

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