The Uptown Community Portrait 2005

An Invitation to the Uptown Theatre

A modern view of the Uptown Theatre facade

At the Uptown Community Portrait 2000 event, more than 300 people gathered to celebrate the Uptown neighborhood and the 75th anniversary of its landmark movie palace. Image copyright © Friends of the Uptown Theatre.

Noon, Saturday, Aug. 20, 2005, Broadway at Lawrence

  • Celebrate the neighborhood and the Uptown Theatre's 80th anniversary
  • Smile for a re-creation of the 1925 opening-day photograph
  • Emcee Marc Smith, Uptown Poetry Slam Creator
  • Entertainment by Quest Theatre Ensemble
  • Rain or shine
  • Entertainment & snacks
  • Sponsored by Uptown Chicago Commission, UPCORP & Friends of the Uptown

You’re invited to a party! Come celebrate the Uptown neighborhood and the Uptown Theatre’s 80th birthday. On August 20th at noon, Friends of the Uptown, along with UPCORP, the Uptown Chicago Commission, and Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads, will host a “community portrait” that recreates the 1925 opening-day photograph of the theatre. Our emcee is Marc Smith, best known for his creation of the Uptown Poetry Slam. Quest Theatre Ensemble will be performing, and there will be snacks available. Set-up begins at approximately 11:30 a.m. For more information—including how to get your own copy of the photo—either continue to our How It Works page or contact Friends of the Uptown:

Hope to see you there!

Help us spread the news! Download and print out the flyer for this event and hang it where your neighbors can see it.

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